After six qualifiers, it all comes down to the finals this Saturday.

Season Three of the Tekken254 Circuit comes to an end this weekend with the top-ranked 16 players from the Seasons Qualifier. Season Three kicked off in January this year with a new format of play that saw 6 Qualifier tournaments played with participants fighting for the top 16 slots.

After 6 tournaments this year, Michael “Mickey” Muhoro finished at pole position with Nick Fury closing down this year’s finalists finishing at 16th place. The finals will be played in a double-elimination format.

Tekken254 Circuit Finals Fixtures

  • DVK v. RobbyM$
  • MoM|Frost v. T-Vets|Nick Fury
  • SU|DarkTempest v. T-Vets|Poker Face
  • Xstar v. Priest
  • Mickey v. Vega
  • Tony v. Stanley Styler
  • T-Vets|Battousai v. Overhaul|In4red
  • Furious Monkey v. Proto-G

The Tekken254 Finals will be staged at the PSG LAN Party set to be held this coming Saturday at The Junction, Nairobi.


The Tekken254 Circuit in its third season continues to grow in terms of participation, partnerships and also tournaments. The circuit birthed in 2017 has seen numbers grow from 19 players to a current 36 registered players in the community.  With well-organized tournaments, the circuit is seeing the growth of teams known in the competitive gaming industry as Esport Organization.

AlphaPlay Kenya signed three players in the circuit namely Michael “Mickey’ Muhoro, Anthony “Tony” Claesen and William “Priest” Omondi. The organization continues to tap into the growing industry not only in Kenya but the African region.

Another organization that wrecked news across the community was the signing of Sylvia “Queen Arrow” Wahome by the XiT Woundz based in New Jersey. The organization has players playing in different Esports such as Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and Smash. The organization also spreads its talents across different continents such as North America (Canada & USA), Africa (Kenya), South America (Venezuela), and Europe (France, Poland and Germany).

Esport Organizations in Kenya are helping cement the industry in creating financing models for players that have enabled many enter various tournaments both online and offline, they have also helped professionalize the industry with great apparels, business models, salaries, and purchases of the games (DLCs).

Ace Pro Gaming second tournament dubbed the “e-Lig University FIFA19 Series” is meant to franchise Esport Organizations based on University sides. There are currently 6 Universities (each having 4 players) playing in the e-Lig having four players. The pilot series seeks to grow FIFA which is arguably the biggest game played by many Kenyans both casually and competitively.

The future of the e-Lig is aligning the series with the current growth of the FIFA electronic World Cup that was rebranded from the Interactive last year 2018. The e-Lig also seeks to tap the many students’ communities from various Universities in Kenya. We seek to further tap into newer communities of Varsities sides especially from outside Nairobi expanding the participation.

A huge shout out to all Esports Organizations in Kenya

  • XiT Woundz
  • AlphaPlay Kenya
  • Masters of Mayhem
  • Simba Ultimate
  • Rampage Corps
  • Overhaul

And many more not mentioned. Let us strive to grow the industry and also rightfully support the signed players.

The Check | Inside e-Lig series points awarding system

The e-Lig University Series kicked off last weekend with 24 players competing in the Open series and only three ladies taking part in the All-Ladies competition.

The e-Lig series is a competition involving six University teams with each University bringing in 4 participants (Open series) and 1 participant (All-Ladies series). The competition is divided into four conferences with each University presenting a player in each of the conference.


The e-Lig series sees top two in each conference qualify for the quarterfinals whereas each position finish from each conference moves straight for position playoff. For example, if player A finishes 3rd in Conference A, he or she will meet all players who finished position 3 in each of the conferences to play for ranking positions (9th – 12th). This goes on for all other group stage position.

Position 1-2 in each conference qualify for main cup quarterfinals

Position 3 in each conference qualify for (9th-12th) playoffs

Position 4 in each conference qualify for (13th-16th) playoffs

Position 5 in each of the conference qualify for (17th-20th) playoffs

Position 6 in each of the conference qualify for (21st-24th) playoffs


The e-Lig University series uses a reverse point ranking system where the total number of players represents the amount of total points gained in each of the series tournament. The e-Lig series has 24 participants and thus the winner of the tournament gets 24 points whereas the last placed player gets 1 point.


The e-Lig University FIFA19 series is a premier Esport competition that will see University FIFA communities come together to face off in a well conducted series of tournaments in its pilot season. The series organizers would kindly ask the following players to read and follow the following rules set to be observed during the series. The rules and regulations were agreed upon by the organizers and partners.


The e-Lig University series will have the following game settings;

  • 5 minutes Half Length (Group stages) 6 minutes Half Length (Finals)
  • Difficulty Level : World Class
  • Injuries : On
  • Off sides : On
  • Score Display : On
  • Time Display : On
  • Camera : Tele-Broadcast
  • FIFA Trainer : Off
  • Handball : Off
  • Bookings : On
  • Game Tactics : Custom Tactics allowed
  • Formations : No custom formations allowed
  • Referee : Random
  • Game Speed : Normal
  • Defending : Tactical Defending Only
  • Team Usage : No All-star teams used

Players are kindly requested to only make changes (substitutions, tactics etc) if only

  • The ball goes out during play
  • At half time
  • After a goal has been scored

All players competing in the e-Lig University series MUST be a student at the University he or she registered with. Each of the competitors should come for the e-Lig series with their school identity cards or a document to show his or her connection to the institution registered with.


All 24 players from the 6 organizations registered for the Open series will be pooled in four conferences. Each conference will have 6 slots (each registered organizations will have a representative in each of the four conferences).

A round robin format will be played in each conference where the top two will qualify for quarter-finals whereas;

  • 3rd place position in each conference will qualify for (9th -12th) playoffs
  • 4th place position in each conference will qualify for (13th-16th) playoffs
  • 5th place position in each conference will qualify for (17th-20th) playoffs
  • 6th place position in each conference will qualify for (21st-24th) playoffs

Each playoff match will be played in a one legged format where winners will meet and so will the losers.

For example, in the 9th-12th playoffs, four participants will play and each winner will meet to decide who will finish 9th and 10th whereas the losers will play to determine who will finish 11th and 12th.

For the main series quarter finals, a one-legged match will be played (6 minutes of Half Length) and losers in this stage will directly qualify for the (5th-8th) playoffs matches.

The All-female series will see a direct round-robin format where all 6 participants will play amongst themselves and the top 2 will proceed for the final.

The finals for both the all-female series and the open series will be played in a two legged 6 minutes Half Length periods. The two legged will be on Home and Away basis.


The e-Lig series will use a reverse log point allocation system for the series points. In this system, the total number of participants represent the total number of points awarded that is;

The e-Lig open series has 24 participants therefore position one will get 24 points, position 2 = 23points, position 3 = 22points…etc

The same will be used for the all-female series having 6 participants.


We expect all players, spectators, administrators and all persons attending the e-Lig series to behave well.

All players are required to express themselves in the most discipline manner and keep standards of sportsmanship at all times. At Ace, we are against the following in all our events

  • Harassing, bullying, abusing, engaging in hate speech, political, or religious jargons that may indirectly or directly inflict people
  • Interfering or disrupting any play while in the venue
  • Littering in the venue
  • Using cheats, software or illegally customized controllers to gain advantage over the competitors.
  • Physical or verbal confrontation to any person in the venue
  • SOFT PLAY is illegal
  • MATCH FIXING is also illegal and punishable by disqualification
  • INTENTIONALLY LOSING a match to help someone proceed is illegal.
  • Ace Pro Gaming is highly against GAMBLING & BETTING during any Esport tournament we hold. We kindly ask you the players, spectators and any administrators to avoid any form of gambling during the e-Lig University series
  • Damaging anything at the venue will also lead to disqualification
  • All issues will be directed to organizers, or any official that will be present
  • Players are kindly requested to be at the venue 30 minutes before kick-off the series.

Horsemen Organization to host the first leg of the e-Lig FIFA19 University series set for the weekend.

Bruno “GrimReeper” Sorre and his Horsemen Organization crew will host the first leg of the e-Lig University Series at the Kenyatta University Business & Student Service Centre room 012 this coming weekend.

The e-Lig University series will see six different University FIFA Communities compete for glory for its first pilot season. The series has 30 participants split into two competitions that is, an Open competition and the All-female league.


e-Lig weekend opener hosts GrimReeper will face Zack (University of Nairobi), Kevo CK (TUK), Ghost (JKUAT), Rio (MKU), Kitoto (Strathmore University)


Peter “Flossin Mauwano” Mumu is the man to watch in this conference. The Mauwano organization leader will meet off with Winchester (KU), Yobra (UON), Osnet (JKUAT), Tosh (TUK), #Mo (Strathmore University).


Jumia Gaming tournament winner Phillip “Yardie” Kimani will headline this conference but will meet a much able competitor Malvin (TUK). The will be joined by ju88oi (MKU), Joel (UON), donuts (JKUAT), GeeMajid (Strathmore University)


Max Murila from Horsemen Organization (KU) will face off Soka (MKU), Pablo (UON), Wekambali (JKUAT), KingSlayer (TUK), Kamal (Strathmore University)

The Open series is split in four conferences that will have 6 participants from each of the six Universities registered. Top 2 from each of the conferences will proceed for quarter-finals whereas the position finish of each of the conferences will go for playoffs.

  • 3rd place finishers in each of the conference proceed for (9-12) position playoff
  • 4th place finishers in each of the conference proceed for (13-16) position playoff
  • 5th place finishers in each of the conference proceed for (17-20) position playoff
  • 6th place finishers in each of the conference proceed for (21-24) position playoff

The All-female series has six ladies from each of the registered University and will play using a round robin format.

At Ace Pro, we want to guarantee more engagement amongst players, increased competition in the series and also better chances for progress per individual competing. The format we are using will help achieve all these as we look to grow the e-Lig series to a more standardized FIFA tournament.

We welcome you all to come watch the e-Lig series 2019 at Kenyatta University Business & Students’ Service Centre room 012.

Heva Fund signs a season long deal with Ace Pro Gaming for the inaugural e-Lig University Series.

The e-Lig University FIFA19 Series welcomed Heva Fund this week as an official sponsor for its first season. The series is set to see six Universities compete in the most popular game in Kenya and East Africa (FIFA) over a period of time.

Heva Fund is an investment organization that funds, shapes, grows and transforms creative economies across the East African region. The creative economy in East Africa is rich and vibrant and Heva Fund seeks to uplift and professionalize this industry to fruition. “Excited that we have started to direct our support and resources towards one of the most creative sectors in East Africa.” explained George Gachara, Managing Director at Heva Fund.

The e-Lig University series will see a total of six Universities compete in FIFA19 in a well drafted format that seeks to increase and elevate the competition levels in FIFA community in Kenya. The e-Lig University Series will see a great format with regular seasons for the main stage competition, an all-female league on the side and the first ever Night Esport Event.  The series will also have a great format that is easy to comprehend giving both players and fans a great engagement platform.

Heva Fund enters the series with sights to not only grow the Esport industry but also tap and nurture the existing creative community inside different Universities where the series will be hosted. The future is indeed creative.


HEVA Fund, an East African fund that invests in the transformative social and economic potential of the creative economy sector in the East African region, through finance solutions, business acceleration and public/private partnerships.

HEVA is kicking off a gaming and e-sport facility with an initial sponsorship investment of KES 0.25 million to support Ace Pro Inc. (under Two Digital Ideas), gaming and e-sport tournament dubbed the “E-Lig University Series”. This sponsorship will cover Season 1’s technical setup, public relations, and marketing, as well as to contribute to the prize pool.

Mr. Fanuel Opiyo O., the director of Ace Pro, says, “HEVA’s new facility for e-sports will go a long way to grow the industry in Kenya. We are looking forward to hosting 3 tournaments over the next 3 months as part of the first season. We are also looking forward to the next level partnership with HEVA.”

Through this facility, HEVA looks to support tournament organizers, game developers, and spectator activations, in order to accelerate the growth of this dynamic sector. Mr. George Mars Aloo, Insights and Innovations Manager at HEVA Fund, adds, “We’re very excited to become part of this fast-growing industry at this crucial time in its development. There’s a lot of potential in this sector.”

HEVA has remained at the forefront of helping producers of cultural goods, services and experiences to build high-value, profitable businesses, where new ideas will come to life, and where the highest potential for great profits, great jobs and happy people can be found.

For more information, contact:

Mr. George M. Aloo
+254 20 4400 870
Mr. Fanuel Opiyo O.
+254718705468/ +254720139054