After a wild 2019 schedule, the Tekken254 Circuit will move into the 2020 schedule with a new competition system that seeks to grow the local competitive Fighting Game Community scene in Kenya.

Running for three seasons currently, the Circuit has seen immense growth in its player growth, competitive gameplay and as well as a rise of Esports organizations feeding into the circuit signing players (Article on Esports Organization-4th September). The Circuit has seen various changes that the organizers have made to help steer the local competitive scene forward and also make it easy for players to grow. The circuit moves into its fourth season in January 2020 and is set to have various changes.


The 2020 schedule will still be eight months series with qualifiers played monthly. The circuit major change will be the unification of both divisions (Premier Division & Challenger Division).

Season three saw a separation of vet players locked down to a premier division and a new division that sought to build and encourage new players to sign up was formed. The challenger division helped drive in 15 players who have played through the whole season and gained enough gameplay knowledge of the game.

Heading into our 2020 schedule, the circuit will have the divisions unified and a bigger player bracket per pool formed. Players will be playing using a bracket format for the 2020 schedule unlike in season three where players played in a round-robin system during pools stage.

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