The Tekken 254 Circuit has provided an in-depth look into our investment in Esports. The circuit has run for the past 6 months with two seasons and looking to grow bigger and better. We believe Esports is wholly dependent on its management and we have invested fully in management. With all these up our sleeves, we are excited to be launching our next planned series of competition and that is the FIFA franchise.

FIFA is arguably the largest game played amongst many persons living in and out of Nairobi and also regionally in East Africa. FIFA constitutes to up to 80% of games being played in many of the gaming lounges. ‘Walk into any gaming lounge in Nairobi, Kiambu, Kisumu etc and FIFA will be the most played game you will see on the screens. Out of 10 screens in the lounge, 8 are being used for FIFA’– says Head of Marketing Jairus Ogembo.

FIFA is highly played by many young people who throng into the many game lounges around estates, university accommodation areas, and also residential homes. Gaming lounges have also had its share of increase constituting to 35% growth especially in Nairobi. Many movies & series shops have either closed to create room for a gaming section or expanded space inside to spin off to have a video gaming business on the side. This clearly shows its intense growth and we as Ace Pro Gaming look to tap it by creating a series of tournaments that will see players compete for points and prizes.

The FIFA series will go by the name “e-Lig series”. The e-Lig will be played in a format designed by the Ace Pro Gaming tournaments team. Our first investment into the planned FIFA competition will be the universities & colleges series. The series will be played amongst different universities & colleges in Kenya. The series will feature a great format of play, and points awarding system that will spice up entertainment but also incorporate a lot of strategy, competition and business opportunity.

We also look to angle and work hard to have the e-Lig | University & Colleges Series to be part of the Kenya University Sports Association games in the near future. ‘Digital sports are proving to be an answer to an increase in spectatorship, participation and also job creation amongst many young people.”– Charles Wambugu, Head of Operations Ace Pro Gaming.  The KUSA games are run annually having different Universities competing against each other clearly showing how organized these games competitions are and we believe including Esports will have great benefits to the games.

More information on the e-Lig selected venues, dates, explained format, number of participants and points awarding system will be released soon.

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